About SVG Climate Change

What is the rationale behind the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Climate Change Website (SVGCCW)?

The Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Climate Change website is a hub devoted to providing stakeholders with information and access to Green Climate Fund policies and procedures in addition to serving as the primary source for climate change knowledge products.
Established under the 4th Green Climate Fund Readiness Proposal in 2023, the concept of this website is committed to mainstreaming climate change adaptation into the national planning process whilst creating an avenue of transparency and ease of accessibility of all climate data and or information for all stakeholders and the public.

What does the (SVGCCW) entail?

The SVGCCW is a web-based platform that was designed with the idea of growing the local knowledge of climate change and to primarily provide an avenue of transparency on all Green Climate Fund advancements.
It is envisioned that this website will-

  1. Provide a platform for readily available knowledge products and tools on Climate Change.
  2. Ensure clarity of communication lines and modalities with Stakeholders on all Green Climate Fund (GCF) mechanisms.
  3. Create an avenue for conformity with the established no-objection procedure and GCF’s information disclosure policy.



Information derived from this web site is solely for informational purposes and does not constitute legal and or scientific advice or service.